Reality Check

DDP Newsletter, September 2012, Volume XXX, No. 5

The Green religion constantly issues apocalyptic prophecies and proclaims dogma. Ice will melt, seas will rise, green is clean, and their policies will lead to health, prosperity, and the salvation of the Planet as well as humanity.

But without a Memory Hole, these false prophets cannot prevail. Continue reading “Reality Check”

The “Anthropocene”?

DDP Newsletter, July 2012, Volume XXX, No. 4

Reporting on the Rio +20 conference, Lord Christopher Monckton writes: “The walls of the conference center were festooned with disturbing images, many painted by children under the rubric, ‘children teaching their parents.’

“In one painting, a child painted the sun, dressed as a doctor taking the temperature of the earth. The diagnosis: ‘I’m sure you have humans!’” Continue reading “The “Anthropocene”?”