2013 Forecasts

DDP Newsletter, January 2013, Volume XXXI, No. 1

It is difficult for the Met to predict precipitation in the UK because it can’t tell what the jet stream is going to do. It is impossible to make reliable predictions on the economic or political front because of the vagaries of human behavior. Yet fundamental laws will not be defied with impunity. First, let’s attempt to identify key questions. Continue reading “2013 Forecasts”

Lessons from Superstorm Sandy

DDP Newsletter, November 2012, Volume XXX, No. 6

For more than a decade, scientists and engineers at Stony Brook University in New York had argued for building storm-surge barriers in New York. When a 4.2-meter-high wall of salt water hit the city on Oct 29, all their predictions came true (Nature 11/8/12). Continue reading “Lessons from Superstorm Sandy”