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Restoring Greatness in American Science and Health
Aug 11-13, 2017
Hyatt Regency 601 Loyola Ave. New Orleans, La. 70113 (504) 561-1234.

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8:30 AM -12:30 PM World War II Museum Tour
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM Welcome Reception


7:45 AM Welcome. Jane Orient, M.D., DDP President

8:00 AM
The Big Bad Forces of Censorship and Intimidation in Climate Science.
Willie Soon, Ph.D. | Dr. Soon, an astrophysicist, authored The Maunder Minimum and The Variable Sun-Earth Connection.

9:00 AM
Expected Biospheric Impacts of Rising Atmospheric CO2.
Craig Idso, Ph.D. | Dr. Idso is chairman of the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change, and coauthor of Climate Change Reconsidered.

Special Panel Presentations: EPA Scientific Misconduct and Junk Science
Plato’s Noble Lie, Codevilla’s Scientific Pretense, Gov’t Lying for “Justice.”
John Dale Dunn, M.D., J.D. | Dr. Dunn is an emergency physician, instructor at Fort Hood, TX, advisor to Heartland Institute and American Council on Science and Health.

Scientific Misconduct in PM2.5 Epidemiology.
James E. Enstrom. Ph.D., M.P.H. | Dr. Enstrom is a retired research professor at the University of California at Los Angeles and president of the Scientific Integrity Institute.

12:15 PM Lunch
“You May Die From This”: EPA and Its Gas Chamber of Horrors.
Steve Milloy | Mr. Milloy, founder of and author of Scare Pollution, Green Hell, and Junk Science Judo, served on Trump transition team.

2:00 PM
Quack Cures For What Doesn’t Ail Us.
William (“Matt”) Briggs, Ph.D. | Dr. Briggs, “the Statistician to the Stars,” authored Uncertainty: the Soul of Modeling, Probability, and Statistics. He blogs at

3:00 PM
The Next Great Influenza Pandemic—Problems in Preparedness.
Steven Hatfill, M.D. | Dr. Hatfill is an adjunct assistant professor at George Washington Univ and has done research involving Ebola, Marburg, and orthopox virus.

4:00 PM
Healing Traumatic Brain Injuries.
Carol L. Henricks, M.D. | Dr. Henricks, a neurologist, offers hyperbaric oxygenation therapy, with a special focus on veterans experiencing TBI from IEDs.

6:30 PM Reception, Banquet.
“Sustainable Development”: Perpetuating Energy Deprivation and Poverty.
Paul Driessen, J.D. | Mr. Driessen, a senior fellow with CFACT and the Congress of Racial Equality, is the author of Eco-Imperialism.


8:00 AM
12 Energy Numbers You Need to Know that Cocktail-Party Experts Don’t.
Howard Hayden, Ph.D. | Dr. Hayden is professor emeritus of physics, University of Connecticut, and publishes The Energy Advocate.

9:00 AM
Can the U.S. Dominate Energy? Update on Oil and Gas Development.
Joe Leimkuhler | Mr. Leimkuhler is VP of drilling for LLOG Exploration. He has 30 years experience in deepwater drilling with Shell and LLOG.

10:15 AM
De-mythologizing Chernobyl and Other Radioactive Fairytales.
Norbert Rempe | Mr. Rempe worked 23 years at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) near Carlsbad, NM. He is a DDP director.

11:15 AM
Disasters Involving the Inner Ear.
Gerard Gianoli, M.D. | Dr. Gianoli practices neuro-otology at the Ear and Balance Institute in Covington, La.

12:15 PM Lunch.
State Power and Shakespeare: Fake News Disguising Its True History.
Donald W. Miller, M.D. | Dr. Miller practiced and taught heart surgery for 40 years and has authored 3 books and numerous articles, many for

2:00 PM
Why Global Warming Models Fail; IPCC “Evidence” Is Phony.
Ken Haapala and S. Fred Singer, Ph.D. | Dr. Singer founded and Mr. Haapala is now president of the Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP).

3:00 PM
Data Capture, Information Terrorism, and Cyberterrorism. Jonathan Matusitz, Ph.D. Dr. Matusitz is associate professor of communication at the University of Central Florida.

4:00 PM
Vaccine Controversy: the Role of Adjuvants.
Arthur Robinson, Ph.D. | Art Robinson is founder and research professor of chemistry at Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, and editor of Access to Energy.

5:00 PM Adjourn.

Registration Fee: $250 for the entire seminar includes a welcome reception, a banquet, and two luncheons ($200 for each additional family member). The tour of the National World War II Museum is $50 per person, including transportation. Meet in the hotel lobby at 8:30 A.M., Friday, Aug 11.

To make hotel reservations:
Use the online form at:
or call the Hyatt Regency at (800) 235-0839 and ask for the DDP annual meeting room block at the rate of $109, single; $119, double; $129, triple; or $139, quadruple.

ROOM RESERVATION CUT OFF DATE: July 13 (afterwards based on availability)
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The National World War II Museum, located in the heart of New Orleans, has collected more than 100,000 artifacts of the War. Museum exhibits also offer visitors an opportunity to experience the war through the eyes of the men and women who lived it, through interactives, oral histories, and personal vignettes. Donald W. Pullen, the father-in-law of Joe Leimkuhler, a veteran of the Mighty Eighth Air Force, has volunteered to be our guide.

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) will supply a certificate of participation for CME credit. This is not accredited as AMA/ACCME Category 1, but is accepted in some states for at least part of the CME requirement for license renewal.

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