DDP 32nd Annual Meeting

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DDP 32nd Annual Meeting

An American “Reset” on Science and Defense?
July 25-28, 2014
Crowne Plaze Knoxville
401 W. Summit Hill Drive · Knoxville, Tennessee

Group rate $99/night

CALL (865) 522-2600 and mention DDP to get the group rate.


cosponsored by:
Access to Energy
Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine
Physicians for Civil Defense

Friday, July 25, 2014

9 am-4 pm. (optional) Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, TN

ORNL is a leader in materials research, global security threats, supercomputing, and neutron science. (Includes Lunch.)

7-9:30 pm. Welcome Reception

Saturday, July 26, 2014

7:45 am
Welcome.  Jane Orient, M.D., DDP President

8:00 am        
False Rejection of Sun-Climate Connection by IPCC’s “Gangster Science.” Willie Soon, Ph.D.
Dr. Soon, an astrophysicist, authored The Maunder Minimum and The Variable Sun-Earth Connection.

9:00 am        
Hormesis: Its Scientific Foundations and Biochemical Regulatory Applications. Edward Calabrese, Ph.D.
For 20 years, Dr. Calabrese’s research has focused on the dose response to drugs and pollutants in the low-dose range.

10:15 am       
LNT Theory: How the NAS Misled the World on Cancer Risk Assessment. Edward Calabrese, Ph.D.
The Linear-No Threshold theory, which dominates radiation regulatory policy, is based on fraud and misrepresentation.

11:15 am       
Thunderstorms and the Climate-Weather Heat Engine. Willis Eschenbach.
Mr. Eschenbach, an independent climate researcher, was the first person to file a FOIA request for data from the Univ East Angliia CRU.

12:15 pm
Lunch: TBA

2:00 pm        
NIPCC Wipes out IPCC: the End of Climate Scares. S. Fred Singer, Ph.D.
Dr. Singer, a pioneer in rocket and satellite technology, founded NIPCC (Non-governmental IPCC), which opposes the UN IPCC.

3:00 pm        
“Sustainability”: a Path to the Hunger Games? Charles Battig, M.D.
Dr. Battig is an anesthesiologist and biomedical engineer, who worked in support of the Apollo Moon Mission at North American Aviation.

4:00 pm
Does Carbon Dioxide Endanger Humans? The Supreme Court Decision. Kenneth Haapala.
Mr. Haapala is executive VP of SEPP (the Science and Environmental Policy Project), which has challenged the Endangerment Finding.

6:30 pm
Reception and Banquet. Appreciating Freedom: Surviving China’s Cultural Holocaust. Ming Wang, M.D., Ph.D.
Dr. Wang performs innovative 3D laser eye surgery and developed the amniotic membrane contact lens. He holds a Ph.D. in laser physics.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

8:00 am        
Consensus Physics for More than a Century: Don’t Contradict Einstein. Howard Hayden, Ph.D.
Dr. Hayden is professor emeritus of physics, University of Connecticut, and publishes The Energy Advocate.

9:00 am         
The Politics of Energy and the Economic Impact. Marita Noon.
Ms. Noon, author of 20 books, is the executive director of Energy Makes America Great and the Citizens’ Alliance for Responsible Energy.

10:15 am       
The Technology of the Apollo Flights and the Study of Climate Change. Jim Peacock.
Mr. Peacock is webmaster and member of The Right Climate Stuff (TRCS) research team of retired NASA Apollo Program veterans.

11:15 am       

12:15 pm
Lunch: Some Unclassified Lockheed “Skunk Works” Events. Gordon Claycomb
An aeropace engineer, Mr. Claycomb worked at the Skunk Works for 20 years on the F-35A Lightning II stealth fighter and other projects.

2:00 pm        
Working toward Fulfillment of the Rad Resistant Cities Initiative Task 5. Philip Smith.
Mr. Smith developed the NukAlert ER, the basis for a rooftop system of continuous radiation monitoring.

3:00 pm        
A Template for Civil Defense. Stephen Jones.
Jones is special projects director for Physicians for Civil Defense.  He has ridden more than 3000 miles by bicycle to inform first responders.

4:00 pm
Energy and the Prognosis for America. Arthur Robinson, Ph.D.
Dr. Robinson is founder of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine and editor of Access to Energy.

5:00 pm         Adjourn
Monday, July 28

9 am-3 pm. (optional) Mass Casualty Care Course by Steven Hatfill, M.D.   (course is $100/person. Includes Lunch.)


Monday, July 28, 2014  9 am-3 pm. Course by Steven Hatfill, M.D., on mass casualty care includes hemorrhage control, rapid airway management, emergency management of penetrating chest injury, shock, and hypothermia. Any of us could be a first responder and save lives using these techniques. No previous medical training required.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Professional Tour ($50/person) on Friday, July 25. 9am to noon. Oak Ridge is the site where expedient civil defense was developed.  It is a leader in materials research, global security threats, supercomputing, and neutron science.


The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) will supply a certificate of participation for up to 5 hours of CME credit for Monday’s course and 15 hours for the meeting. This is not accredited as AMA/ACCME “Category 1,” but is accepted in some states for at least part of the CME requirement for license renewal.

Registration Fee:  $250 for the entire seminar includes a welcome reception, a banquet, and two luncheons ($200 for each additional family member). The mass casualty course led by Steven Hatfill, M.D., (3 hours of lecture and 2 hours practice), on Monday is $100 per person. (You need not be a physician to attend.) Oak Ridge Lab tour is $50 each.


The Crowne Plaza Knoxville is 15 miles from the McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS).
The 20-minute taxi ride will cost $30.

Driving directions from the airport: Take 129 North to 1-40 East Take exit 388A-James White Parkway. Take Summit Hill Dr exit off of parkway. Turn right at stoplight. Go through 3 stoplights. Hotel will be on the right.

DDP 30th Annual Meeting — July 27-29, 2012

Meeting Location:

Long Island Marriott (Long Island, NY)
101 James Doolittle Blvd
Uniondale, NY 11553


(note Sunday’s rooms are sold out at our group rate. We are working on getting a larger room block. Stay tuned.)


Friday, July 27, 2012 

Optional Tours.  (scroll down for info)

7-9:30 pm Welcome Reception                                                                        

Saturday, July 28, 2012

7:45 am Welcome.  Jane Orient, M.D., DDP President

8:00 am Mercury Air Toxics Standards and the Extreme Punishment Agency (EPA). Willie Soon, Ph.D. Dr. Soon, an astrophysicist, authored The Maunder Minimum and the Variable Sun-Earth Connection.

9:00 am Statistical Follies and Epidemiology. William Matthew (“Matt”) Briggs, Ph.D. Dr Briggs is a professor and consultant in statistics, with an interest in philosophy of science and epistemology.

10:15 am Using Data Noise to Combat Political Noise. Howard Hayden, Ph.D. Dr. Hayden is professor emeritus of physics, University of Connecticut, and publishes The Energy Advocate.

11:15 am Energy Independence for the United States. Bonner Cohen, Ph.D. Dr. Cohen is a senior policy analyst for the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow. He authored The Green Wave.

12:15 pm  Lunch: The Empire State Divided (Documentary on Fracking). Karen Moreau. Producer Karen Moreau is executive director of the New York State Petroleum Council.

2:00 pm Does Offshore Wind Energy Make Sense? John Droz, Jr. A physicist and environmental activist, Mr. Droz has extensively studied industrial wind energy.

3:00 pm Appropriate Radiation Level for Evacuations. Jerry Cuttler, D.Sc. Dr. Cuttler, retired from Atomic Energy of Canada, is an expert on the beneficial effects of low-dose radiation.

4:00 pm The Health Effects of Medical Radiation. Howard Maccabee, Ph.D., M.D. Dr. Maccabee is a nuclear physicist and radiation oncologist. He is a founder, past president, and a director of DDP.

6:30 pm Reception & Banquet. Common Sense 2012. Arthur B. Robinson, Ph.D. Dr. Robinson, editor of Access to Energy, is a congressional candidate in Oregon’s District 4.    

Sunday, July 29, 2012

8:00 am Sustainability Realities—with Update from Rio. Paul Driessen. The author of Eco-Imperialism: Green Power, Black Death, Mr. Dressen discusses “sustainability” and human health.

9:00 am Obama “Skins the Cat” to Achieve Energy Rationing. S. Fred Singer, Ph.D. Dr. Singer, a pioneer in rocket and satellite technology, founded NIPCC, which opposes the UN IPCC.

10:15 am Alarming Global Warming: What Happens to Science in the Public Square. Richard S. Lindzen, Ph.D. Dr. Lindzen is Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

11:15 am Why “Climate Science” Isn’t About Science. Rael Jean Isaac, Ph.D. Dr. Isaac, a sociologist, authored Roosters of the Apocalypse, The Coercive Utopians, and Madness in the Streets.

12:15 pm Lunch: Inside an ICBM Squadron During the Cuban Missile Crisis. Gordon Claycomb.  Mr.Claycomb worked at the Skunk Works for 20 years.

2:00 pm Myths and Facts Concerning Biological Agents in Warfare. Steven Hatfill, M.D. Dr. Hatfill is an instructor in tactical combat casualty care for specialized units of the U.S. armed services.

3:00 pm Using the Freedom of Information Act and Federal Open Data Laws. Andrew Schlafly, Esq. Mr. Schlafly is general counsel for the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS).

4:00 pm An Inconsistent Truth (video) Phil Valentine. Mr. Valentine is a radio talk show host based in Nashville, Tenn., and an author of weekly newspaper commentaries.

5:30 pm Adjourn


Tour Info
We will have a group tour of Brookhaven National Labs on Friday, July 27.  Group size is limited to 20 people.  This tour is FULL.

Our alternate activity available for those who wish to participate will be a trip to the Cradle of Aviation – Long Island’s Air & Space Museum.